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About NPGallery and LAVO

About Lassen Volcanic National Park

Lassen Volcanic National Park encompasses over 106,000 acres of a dynamic and diverse, volcanic landscape. Located at the southern extent of the Cascade Range in northern California, the park was established as a unit of the national park system in 1916 shortly after a series of highly publicized, massive volcanic eruptions of Lassen Peak in 1914 and 1915. Lassen Volcanic also protects a rich diversity of plant and animal life; a robust human history including American Indians and pioneers; and a wide variety of recreational opportunities.

About this Gallery

The Lassen Volcanic Digital Archive provides public access to thousands of historical and contemporary images. Additional digital media including audio, video, and maps, will be added over time. The digital media included in this gallery have been selected for inclusion based on quality, uniqueness, and relevance. Information about each item (metadata) has been added by park staff and volunteers.

Lassen Volcanic Photograph Archives (1850s-1970s)

The majority of historical images in this gallery are digital reproductions of items in the Lassen Volcanic (LAVO) Photograph Archives. Dating between the 1850s to the 1970s, the photographs are organized into collections named after the creator and/or donor. File names for items in the LAVO Photograph Archives contain the collection and item number (e.g. the file name for Collection 1 item 1 is C1.1). A complete finding aid including descriptions of the collections, biographical notes, and image descriptions is available on the park website . Higher resolution versions of these archive photographs may be available upon request, see the Contact Page for more information.

National Park Historic Photograph Collection

A small number of historical images in this gallery are digital reproductions of items in the National Park Service (NPS) Historic Photograph Collection . The entire collection is comprised of more than two million images, which cover a wide variety of subjects. This gallery contains images in this collection from NPS photographers, including the first Chief Photographer, George A. Grant. File names for items from the NPS Historic Photograph Collection contain " HFC" and an item number (e.g. LAVO_HFC_1).

Lassen Volcanic Contemporary Media (1980s and on)

Media created between 1980 and present day are identified as contemporary. All contemporary media in this gallery were created by park staff or volunteers. Lassen Volcanic is extremely grateful to the individuals who have donated their time and expertise to create media that captures the history and spirt of the park.
Citation: The preferred credit line for use of contemporary images in this gallery is: [Photographer], National Park Service (e.g. Amanda Sweeney, National Park Service).
Copyright information: All contemporary images in this gallery are in the public domain.

About NP Gallery

The NPGallery Digital Asset Management System is an enterprise system for managing NPS digital media including photos, documents, drawings, audio, video, maps, and GIS images. With both public and NPS-only web portals, NPGallery supports parks and programs with digital asset hosting and delivery services. NPGallery supports web services, support for embedded metadata, and integrated geospatial capabilities.

Benefits of NPGallery to Parks & Programs

• Host assets on a web accessible server
• Deliver images to program web pages
• Utilize NPGallery instead of setting up a local asset management system
• Develop custom web pages and web applications to share photos, documents, audio/video, etc.