Hopewell Furnace    National Historic Site Digital Archive on NPGallery

About NPGallery

The NPGallery Digital Asset Management System is an enterprise system for managing NPS digital media including photos, documents, drawings, audio, video, maps, and GIS images. With both public and NPS-only web portals, NPGallery supports parks and programs with digital asset hosting and delivery services. NPGallery supports web services, support for embedded metadata, and integrated geospatial capabilities.

Benefits of NPGallery to Parks & Programs

• Host assets on a web accessible server
• Deliver images to program web pages
• Utilize NPGallery instead of setting up a local asset management system
• Develop custom web pages and web applications to share photos, documents, audio/video, etc.

Contact Information: NPGallery Staff

Resource Information Services Division
National Information Services Center
Office of Information Resources
National Park Service
Lakewood, CO

Email: NPGallery@nps.gov

Seshu Vaddey
Chief, Resource Information Services Division

Christie McDonald, M.S., PMP
Digital Asset Management Program Manager

Timothy Barnhart
Digital Information Management Specialist/Developer

Julie Goodmann
Digital Information Management Specialist/Developer

Peter Shoop
Digital Information Management Specialist/Developer