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About Harpers Ferry Center Collections and NPGallery Digital Archives

Harpers Ferry Center Collections

Interpretive media is our passion. We work with our colleagues throughout the National Park System to develop and produce digital media, films, historic furnishings, interpretive plans, maps, museum exhibits, publications, signs, and wayside exhibits.

The NPS Guidelines and Standards shape the design of a broad range of communication media within the park service. These tools help all of us achieve a more consistent approach to the design of our various forms of communication. As visitors travel from park to park, they are greeted by a comprehensive graphic language that they come to know and understand. The following guidelines and standards are available: Wayside, Exhibit, Signs, Editorial Style Guide, Publications, Uniform, Accessibility, Brand Identity, AV, Interpretive Planning, Intellectual Property/Use Rights, Parks Mobile App/Digital, and Cartography.

We also maintain the NPS History Collection which preserves and shares the stories of the history, culture, management, resources, challenges, and successes of the National Park Service. The artifacts and records encompass the breadth and depth of the agency’s history and document parks and their cultural and natural resources. As part of our interpretive work, Harpers Ferry Center (HFC) often contracts with artists to create works to help visitors understand the many stories parks have to tell. The Harpers Ferry Center Commissioned Art Collection contains more than 11,000 pieces of art purchased by HFC or produced by HFC staff for park brochures, exhibits, films, posters, publications, and other projects.

This archive is currently being updated with many of the collections in digital format at Hapers Ferry Center (HFC). Collections will be available as processed.

About NPGallery

The NPGallery Digital Asset Management System is an enterprise system for storing, organizing, and sharing photos and other digital files. NPGallery's central online repository offers a place for the NPS to store digital assets, including photos, illustrations, audio files, videos, and documents. The NPGallery platform lets parks and other programs easily store and organize all of their digital files, and allows users access to easily find and retrieve specific files. NPGallery is a premier solution for NPS parks and programs who have a need to manage and disseminate large volumes of digital assets, with many people accessing and using those assets.

NPGallery supports a wide array of digital asset file types (images, MS office formats, adobe pdfs, audio files, videos). Digital assets have control access to those files to ensure they are used properly. NPGallery supports parks and programs with digital asset hosting and delivery services. Digital assets in the system can be provided for public use, or locked for discovery only by internal NPS users. NPGallery has terabytes of digital files of all types that are safely stored and quickly retrievable for NPS business needs.

NPGallery provides a simple text search and search by state and park options, or has the ability to “search more fields” for robust metadata searching. Search results can be refined by filtering options. NPGallery supports web services, support for embedded metadata, and integrated geospatial capabilities. NPGallery also has a responsive user interface design, and the interface will gracefully resize to match the size of the screen on your device, supporting mobile.

Web authors using the NPS.gov content management system(CMS) now use NPGallery as the source for all photo galleries shown in the CMS.

Benefits of NPGallery to Parks & Programs

The NPGallery platform lets parks and other programs easily store and organize all of their digital files, and allows users access to easily find and retrieve specific files. These images and other digital assets have a direct URL link and can be used on program web pages. Multiple file sizes of each digital asset are stored and available for use and download.

Contact the NPGallery staff to have us assist your park or program with your unique Digital Asset Management needs. Email: NPGallery@nps.gov

NPGallery has continued working with individual parks and programs to create individual portals. These semi-custom web pages allow NPS parks and programs to deliver digital assets from a unique web page that highlights and shares photos, documents, audio files, and videos. Searching the featured digital archive can be customized to help guide a user through discovering the valuable digital assets unique to each park or program.