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Mary Patten Captains her Clipper around Cape Horn by G. Johnson, 1856
Reproduction of a painting. Published by the Atlantic Companies. Deck scene on board NEPTUNE'S CAR (ship, ?m). Additional information included inside the negative enclosure: "Mary Patten Captains her CLipper around Cape Horn[CR]Less than a month out of New York, hull down with cargo for California, the clipper ship NEPTUNE'S CAR encountered multiple misfortune. Captain Joshua Patten had to depose his chief mate for insubordination. Then soon after, he and the two remaining officers fell helplessly ill of malaria.[CR]One person remained able to command: Mary Patten, who as a bride had learned celestial navigation from her husband on her only previous voyage. She assembled the crew and announced her decision. They'd sail on. For 55 hard driving days she captained the clipper as it sped down the Atlantic, swept around the Horn, and skimmed up the Pacific. On November 13, 1856, the ship safely entered the Golden Gate. The cargo she delivered would be worth $10,000,000 today.[CR]An incident from the Disaster Books in the Marine Library of The Atlantic Companies.[CR]Atlantic Mutual - Centennial."
U. S. National Park Service
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San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park, Code: SAFR
NPS Museum Number Catalog : SAFR 21374
Local Park number : P93-065, Series 15, File Unit 1, Item P00.35388
Title: Guide to the San Francisco Maritime Museum classified photograph collection, 1575-1984 located on the Online Archives of California website.
01/01/1856 - 12/30/1856
San Francisco Maritime Museum
Organization: San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park
Address: 2 Marina Boulevard, Building E, 2nd Floor, San Francisco, California 94123

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