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Washington (built 1906; steam schooner) crew posing informally on board while in port, undated
Additional information included inside the negative enclosure: "Career of the Washington Recalled[CR]The photo [different from the cataloged photo] reproduced above shows the little steam schooner, WASHINGTON, berthed at a San Francisco dock, when she was owned and operated by Olson and Mahony, of San Francisco, in the coastwise lumber trade. Of 539 tons, she was built at Seattle, in 1906. In 1911, Olson and Mahony bought her from the Washington Marine Co. of Seattle, her original owners, at a bargain price of only $30,000.[CR]The WASHINGTON figured in several mishaps. On November 12, 1911, as she was leaving the Columbia River and while on the bar, she broke down due to one of the deck lashings having caught in the propeller, after a sea had washed a portion of her deckload over the side. She drifted, her anchors not holding, and was steadily carried toward the north shore. For nearly 24 hours, her passengers and crew were in a perilous position until the tug, TATOOSH [(built 1900; tugboat)], finally came to her rescue and towed her to Astoria. She later came to Portland for repairs, and after reloading, proceeded to San Francisco. Olson and Mahony laid her up temporarily for additional work and then placed her on the San Francisco-Coos bay run, but on her maiden trip to Coos Bay, she got into more trouble and had to be towed back to the Golden Gate; later plying to Eureka. The vessel was said by mariners to have been too small to pay on long runs.[CR]In February, 1912, she again changed hands when she came under the management of W.S. Scammel and Co. of San Francisco, who operated her until 1918, when she was resold again to the Little River Redwood Co., a subsidiary of Hammond Lumber Co. of San Francisco. The WASHINGTON eventually met her end on Feb. 15, 1932, when she foundered on Humboldt Bay, California. The waterlogged hull was broken up for scrap. Photo courtesy A.O. Anderson, Washington, D.C. from the Joe Williamson collection, Winslow, Washington."
U. S. National Park Service
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San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park, Code: SAFR
NPS Museum Number Catalog : SAFR 21374
Local Park number : P93-065, Series 11, File Unit 9, Item K09.24822
Title: Guide to the San Francisco Maritime Museum classified photograph collection, 1575-1984 located on the Online Archives of California website.
San Francisco Maritime Museum
Organization: San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park
Address: 2 Marina Boulevard, Building E, 2nd Floor, San Francisco, California 94123

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