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Nine-banded armadillo (Dasypus novemcinctus), Cumberland Island National Seashore, 2015.
This medium-sized mammal is found in North, Central and South America, making it the most widespread of the armadillos. Like its ancestors, the nine-banded armadillo is still most commonly found in warm, rainy environments. However, this solitary, nocturnal animal is adaptable and can be found in many habitats, including scrublands, prairies and tropical rainforests. The only areas it doesn't thrive in are very cold or dry environments because its lack of fat insulation makes it quite susceptible to heat and water loss. This animal possesses and interesting and surprising ability to jump 3-4 feet straight into the air if frightened!
U.S. National Park Service
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Cumberland Island National Seashore, Code: CUIS
Title: Cumberland Island National Seashore
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Organization: Cumberland Island National Seashore
Address: 101 Wheeler Street, St. Marys, GA 31558

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