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Pacific Queen (built 1886; ship, 3m) scene with Rose Kissinger, Capt. Leighton Robinson, and Jack Lowe on board, 1952
Capt. Person - a Norwegian, very interested in the ship sailed in the 4m bark LOCH CARRON under Norwegian flag as 2nd mate.
U. S. National Park Service
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San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park, Code: SAFR
NPS Museum Number Catalog : SAFR 21374
Local Park number : P93-065, Series 15, File Unit 5, Item P53.40477
Title: Guide to the San Francisco Maritime Museum classified photograph collection, 1575-1984 located on the Online Archives of California website.
01/01/1952 - 12/30/1952
Person, Capt.
Organization: San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park
Address: 2 Marina Boulevard, Building E, 2nd Floor, San Francisco, California 94123

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