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Star of France (built 1877; ship, 3m) view on board of Italian fishermen eating, 1918
Dinner is being served. Information included inside the large print enclosure: "Dinner is Served the Italian Fishermen. STAR OF FRANCE, 1918. This was the first year that the Alaska Packers Association few the fishermen. Prior to that Salvatore Gatto, the 'fisherman boss' did the hiring of the fishermen and also provided their food. The fishermen are shown eating on deck because they did not want to be served in three messes, as were the sailors (Mate's watch, second mate's watch, third mate's watch). They wanted food served all at one time, but could not all fit in the mess room. There were three galleys aboard the STAR OF FRANCE. A 'Chinese galley' under the fo'c'sle head to starboard, an 'American galley' in deckhouse, forward on starboard side, and an 'Italian galley' amidships in deckhouse." Gift - Axel Widerstrom, 7/1959. Axel's father, Capt. John Widerstrom, was master of the STAR OF FRANCE at time this picture was taken.
U. S. National Park Service
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San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park, Code: SAFR
NPS Museum Number Catalog : SAFR 21374
Local Park number : P93-065, Series 11, File Unit 9, Item K09.07060
Title: Guide to the San Francisco Maritime Museum classified photograph collection, 1575-1984 located on the Online Archives of California website.
01/01/1918 - 12/30/1918
San Francisco Maritime Museum
Organization: San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park
Address: 2 Marina Boulevard, Building E, 2nd Floor, San Francisco, California 94123

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