Government Shutdown

During the federal government shutdown, this website will not be updated and may not reflect current conditions. Some national parks may remain accessible to visitors; however, access may change without notice. Some parks are closed completely. Some visitor services may be available when provided by concessioners or other entities. For most parks, there will be no National Park Service-provided visitor services, such as restrooms, trash collection, facilities, or road maintenance. For more information, see and the park website.
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  • "A" Fort and Battery Hill Redoubt--Camp Early
  • "Big Four" House
  • "Big Four" House
  • "Congarees" Site
  • "June Tolliver" House
  • "Lockkeeper's" House
  • "Ringing the Wild Horse" Site
  • "S" Bridge
  • "S" Bridge II
  • "The Rim" and Site of Fort Foster
  • "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" Sign, The
  • (Former) Maine Central Railroad Depot
  • 10 Cottages on Short Street
  • 100 Block of West Broadway Historic District
  • 103rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry Association Barracks