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Captain Loring N. Shaw posing as a gold miner daguerreotype, approx. 1851
Cased half plate daguerreotype inside brass mat. Gold in pan has been hand colored with gold paint. Case is wood covered with tooled leather. At the age of 21, Capt. Shaw became master of a California Coastal and Inland Waters vessel where he stayed for 8 years.
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San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park, Code: SAFR
San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park, San Francisco County, California
Latitude: 37.8098983764648, Longitude: -122.421997070313

Local Park number : P85-001.1
ANCS : SAFR 17776
Legacy NPS Focus Record ID : 458373
Title: A guide to the Captain Loring N. Shaw photographs, 1851-1909
01/01/1851 | approximately 1851
half plate daguerreotype || 1 daguerreotype
San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park
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