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Troops of the 25th Infantry Bicycle Corps, Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers National Monument, 1896.
In 1896 the army embarked on an ambitious plan to embrace the bicycling craze that had been sweeping over the nation. Lieutenant James Moss of the 25th Infantry (one of the 4 Buffalo Soldier regiments) led men on a harrowing 800 mile round-trip from their post in Fort Missoula, Montana to Yellowstone National Park. It was the first time the US Army utilized this type of transport and even though the trek was filled with danger, challenges and broken equipment, it was ultimately deemed a success. The army, however, decided not to implement the bicycle for many reasons, including that the bicycle was still being tested and the country was on the brink of war with Spain. The 25th, pictured here, would be sent to Cuba in 1898 to take part in combat during the short-lived war. Their bicycles remained at home.
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Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers National Monument, Code: CHYO
Title: Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers National Monument
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