Phonautograms made by Thomas Edison for the New York Metropolitan Elevated Railroad in 1878.
Digital scans of unbound phonautograms (16 total) from Thomas Edison's Menlo Park, New Jersey Laboratory Notes #62 (NPS catalog # EDIS-30101). For more information about these documents, see websites: <http://firstsounds.org/research/merr.php> and <http://edison.rutgers.edu/sn01.htm#ns-d>.
Original historic documents scanned at resolution 2400 dpi, 8-bit, monochrome.
National Park Service (USA)
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Digital images created by David Giovannoni of FirstSounds.org at Thomas Edison National Historical Park, with NPS Museum Curator Gerald Fabris, on October 26, 2007.
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Thomas Edison National Historical Park, Code: EDIS
Metropolitan Elevated Railroad, New York County, New York
Thomas Edison National Historical Park, Essex County, New Jersey
Latitude: 40.7859992980957, Longitude: -74.2397994995117

10/26/2007 | Date that original documents were digitally scanned.
08/14/1878 - 09/18/1878
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